The cart is ready!

After a few coats of paint, the trailer is looking bright and new for the Rolling Gallery! I made a stencil out of poster board and spray painted the letters on which proved to be less than a clean look. A fair amount of touching up and patience and the letters are looking great! It will be debuting on May 12th as the ball rolls into Union Square!
The beautiful trailer now..
Before, it needed a little love!

Check out this great blog entry on letting go..

The ball has outgrown its dolly. Trailer is on the way.

Ernie from Craigslist is kindly delivering the Rolling Gallery’s first trailer. He asked about the project and then happily replied, ” You’re going to make my trailer famous!” I hope I can do that for Ernie. Lucky gallery and Laura Arena are going to participate in decorating the trailer and getting it fixed up to transport the treasures of the ball. Updates and pics on its progress soon!

Farmer’s Market was a success!

Lots of great feedback on the project at the Somerville Arts at the Armory Farmer’s Market. We handed out lots of bags to be filled and brought back with let-go items. I’m looking forward to seeing what people will be adding to the ball! The Gallery will next be traveling to the SMFA for a stay in the graduate studios before heading back to the Armory for the month of March. Pics to come…

Rolling Gallery Goes to Ghana!

I will be leaving for Ghana on March 4th for 2 and a half weeks to make art with the amazing youth in the fishing village of Nungua! I will be working with the Cross-Cultural Collaborative to teach youth art-making skills as well as help them create items that can be sold to help fund their school tuition. In addition to teaching and learning from them, I would like to do a sort of REVERSE Rolling Gallery for the youth in Ghana. I am collecting usable art supplies, old working laptops, fabric, art reference books, letters to the youth, child sized t-shirts, and funds to purchase art supplies for the youngsters. They have very limited resources and most cannot afford to buy their own art supplies which the schools require. I would really love to bring a bring ball of these awesome things for them to unravel!! The director of the CCC says the kids will go absolutely crazy! Please check out the Indie-go go campaign for donating funds or contact me directly to donate supplies. This is a great way to see a donation go directly to the source. I’m carrying everything over myself to be hand-delivered!

Thanks everyone!


Roll-out Party Thursday 7-9 at the Distillery!

The Gallery is wrapping up at the Distillery this Thursday in a roll-out party! Gather up some old memories you are ready to let go of and join us for the roll-out celebration. Check out the invitation here:

The ball will be rolling to Arts at the Armory on Highland Ave in Somerville next. Stay tuned for dates when you can find us at the winter Farmer’s market on Saturdays at the Armory, and a show in the gallery for the month of March.  Let’s keep it rolling!

Official Rolling Gallery website up!

Visit to check out the beautiful website created by Sue Scott of The Cortland Connection!

The ball is ready to go at the Distillery

I stuffed the bottom edge of the the ball into my trunk, tied the crap out of it, and was able to get it over to the distillery! The space is great and we will have no problem getting the ball out of there with their lovely freight elevator. The first workshop is this Saturday so round up your stuff and head over to join others in the letting go process.

Saturday 1-3

Distillery: 516 East Second Street. Boston, MA

Great event at the Sherman!

We handed out rolling gallery participation forms to a lot of interesting and excited people. We have also decided to start home visits by the rolling gallery! If you would like the gallery to roll to you so that you can add some memories, send us an email!

The ball is at The Sherman cafe!

Stop by the Sherman cafe tomorrow or Saturday and add something to the ball!  (257Washington Street  Somerville, MA 02143)

Have an old love letter, art project, or memento you are ready to let go of?

Stick it to the ball!


The Rolling Gallery Project

 and let go.

 Adding to the ball is easy. Anything you are ready to let go of can get stuck onto the ball. So far it contains such things as journals, art experiments, photos, drawings, a typewriter, fabric, art supplies, uniforms, love letters, and lots of other great stuff.

Bring a bag full and join the Roll-in!

       Workshops:  Friday      DEC. 30th        1-3 PM

                              Saturday  Dec. 31st     12-2 PM

      At the workshops we will be available to photograph and tape items to the ball with an optional 5-minute audio interview about your story.  You can stay as little or as long as you’d like! We want the ball to get as big as possible, so the more stuff you can bring the better! If you can’t make the workshop, you can bring your items down to the Sherman anytime and stick them in the bin to be added to the ball, or join the next workshop at the Distillery Gallery in January!