Rolling Gallery Goes to Ghana!

I will be leaving for Ghana on March 4th for 2 and a half weeks to make art with the amazing youth in the fishing village of Nungua! I will be working with the Cross-Cultural Collaborative to teach youth art-making skills as well as help them create items that can be sold to help fund their school tuition. In addition to teaching and learning from them, I would like to do a sort of REVERSE Rolling Gallery for the youth in Ghana. I am collecting usable art supplies, old working laptops, fabric, art reference books, letters to the youth, child sized t-shirts, and funds to purchase art supplies for the youngsters. They have very limited resources and most cannot afford to buy their own art supplies which the schools require. I would really love to bring a bring ball of these awesome things for them to unravel!! The director of the CCC says the kids will go absolutely crazy! Please check out the Indie-go go campaign for donating funds or contact me directly to donate supplies. This is a great way to see a donation go directly to the source. I’m carrying everything over myself to be hand-delivered!

Thanks everyone!



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